WCH-Link Emulation Debugger Module

Module Overview

WCH-Link module can be used for online debugging and downloading of WCH RISC-V MCU, and also for online debugging and downloading of ARM MCU with SWD/JTAG interface. It also comes with a serial port for easy debugging output.

Module Picture


Module Features

  • Support 3.3V/5V dual power output
  • Support USB to TTL serial port function
  • Support RISC-V chip single/dual line download debugging
  • Support ARM MCU with SWD/JTAG interface for downloading and debugging
  • Support firmware auto-detection and upgrade
  • 3.3V/5V output power supply controllable
  • Automatic power-off protection function
  • Red and blue LED indicators, easy to view the working status
  • Support the upper computer one key to switch the working mode

Work Mode

Work Mode

Function Comparison

Function Comparison

Development Tools

MounRiver Studio




Development Materials

  1. User Manual: WCH-LinkUserManual.PDF WCH-LinkUserManual-EN.PDF
  2. WCH-Link schematic diagram: WCH-LinkSCH.PDF
  3. WCH-Link Local Burning Tool: WCH-LinkUtility.ZIP
  4. Integrated Development Environment (IDE): MounRiver Studio(MRS)
  5. WCH-LinkE high-speed JTAG upgrade tool: WCHLinkEJtagUpdTool.ZIP

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