UART to HID Keyboard/Mouse Controller CH9329


CH9329 is a serial UART to standard USB HID device (keyboard, mouse, custom HID) chip. According to different operating modes, it can be identified as the standard USB keyboard device, USB mouse device or custom HID device on the computer. CH9329 receives serial port data sent from the client and according to the HID device specification, the data will be packaged and then transmitted to the computer via USB port. Though the provided computer software, users can also configure the chip operating mode, serial communication mode, serial communication baud rate, various timeout periods, VID, PID, and various USB string descriptors.


  • Supports 12Mbps full-speed USB transmission, USB 2.0compatible, built-in crystal oscillator.
  • Default serial baud rate is 9600bps, which supports various common baud rates.
  • Supports 5V and 3.3V power supply voltages.
  • Multiple chip operating modes to adapt to different application requirements.
  • Flexible switching among multiple serial communication modes.
  • Supports normal keyboard and multimedia keyboard function, and supports full keyboard function.
  • Supports absolute mouse and relative mouse functions.
  • Supports custom HID device functions, which can be used for pure data transmission.
  • Supports ASCII code characters input and section-position code Chinese characters input.
  • Supports remote computer wake-up function.
  • Supports configure VID, PID, and various USB string descriptors of chip.
  • Supports configure default baud rate of chip.
  • Supports configure communication address of chip to realize multiple chips hanged on the same serial port.
  • Supports configure “Enter” character.
  • Supports configure filter string to filter invalid characters conveniently.
  • Complies with USB related specifications and HID device related specifications.
  • RoHS compliant SOP16 lead-free package.