RISC-V Core BLE Wireless MCU – CH573


CH573 is a 32-bit RISC-V core MCU integrated with BLE wireless communication. CH573 integrates Bluetooth Low Energy communication module, full-speed USB host and device controller and transceiver, SPI, 4 UARTs, ADC, touch-key detection module, RTC and other peripheral resources.

System Block Diagram


  • 32-bit RISC processor Qingke V3A
  • Support RV32 IMAC instruction set, hardware multiplication and division
  • Built-in 18K SRAM, 512K Flash ROM. Support ICP, ISP and IAP. OTA wireless upgrade
  • Integrated 2.4GHz RF transceiver and baseband and link control, improve optimized protocol stack and API, support network.
  • 3.3V and 2.5V power supply. Built-in DC/DC conversion. The current is 6mA at 0dBm transfer power.
  • Low-power modes: Idle, Halt, Sleep, and Shutdown. Built-in battery low-voltage monitor, the minimum sleep current is 0.3uA.
  • Built-in USB controller and USB transceiver, support USB2.0 full-speed and low-speed host/device.
  • Built-in real time clock (RTC), support two modes, timing and trigger.
  • 8-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). 8-channel touch-key.
  • 4 x 26-bit timers, support capture/sample. 4-channel 26-bit PWM output. 6-channel 8-bit PWM output.
  • 4 independent UARTs, compatible with 16C550. The baud rate can be up to 6Mbps.
  • One SPI with built-in FIFO supports Master and Slave mode.
  • Built-in temperature sensor.
  • 20 GPIOs, 4 of which support 5V signal input. All GPIOs support interrupt and wake-up functions.
  • Built-in AES-128 encryption/decryption unit, unique ID.
  • Package: QFN28_4X4

Technical Resources

  1. Datasheet: CH573DS1.PDF
  2. CH573EVT evaluation board introduction and reference routines: CH573EVT.ZIP
  3. Integrated development environment (IDE): MounRiver Studio(MRS)