32-bit USB3.0 Super-Speed Interface MCU - CH569


CH569 and CH565 are based on RISC-V3A core, and support the IMAC subset of RISC-V instructions. The chip integrates super-speed USB3.0 host and device controller (built-in PHY), Gigabit Ethernet controller, dedicated high-speed SerDes controller (built-in PHY, can drive optical fiber directly), high-speed parallel interface (HSPI), digital video port (DVP), SD/EMMC interface controller and encryption/decryption module. The DMA with width of 128 bits can ensure high-speed transfer of large amounts of data. CH569/CH565 can be widely used in streaming media, instant storage, super-speed USB3.0 FIFO, communication extension, security monitor and other applications.

System Block Diagram


  • RISC-V core, 120MHz system clock frequency. Single-cycle multiplication and hardware division. Programmable interrupt controller. Low-power two-stage pipeline.
  • 448KB Code Flash, 32KB DataFlash, 16KB SRAM with width of 32 bits, 32/64/96KB configurable SRAM with width of 128 bits.
  • Built-in super-speed USB3.0 controller and transceiver (built-in PHY). Support USB3.0 Host/Device mode, OTG function, and USB3.0 HUB.
  • Built-in high-speed USB2.0 controller and transceiver (built-in PHY). Support USB2.0 Host/Device mode, and control/bulk/interrupt/synchronous transfer.
  • Built-in gigabit Ethernet controller (Ethernet). Provide RGMII and RMII PHY interface. 10/100/1000Mbps transfer rate.
  • Built-in digital video port (DVP). Data width can be configured as 8/10/12 bits. Support YUV, RGB, JPEG compressed data.
  • Built-in high-speed parallel interface (HSPI). Data width can be configured as 8/16/32 bits. Built-in FIFO. DMA capability. The maximum transfer speed can reach around 3.8Gbps.
  • Built-in SerDes controller and transceiver (built-in PHY, can drive optical fiber directly). Support network cable transfer distance of 90 meters (only use one set of differential line). Support 1.25Gbps high-speed differential signal communication.
  • Built-in EMMC controller. Support single-wire/4-wire/8-wire data communication mode. Comply to EMMC Specification Rev. 4.4 and Rev. 4.5.1, compatible with Specification Rev. 5.0.
  • Support AES/SM4 algorithm. 8 types of combinations for encryption/decryption modes. Support encryption/decryption of SRAM/EMMC/HSPI data.
  • 4 UARTs. Baud rate can be up to 6Mbps. Compatible with 16C550. Built-in FIFO. Several trigger levels.
  • 2 SPIs support Master/Slave mode. Built-in FIFO. DMA capability.
  • Active parallel port: 8-bit data, 15-bit address bus.
  • 3 x 26-bit timers. Support timing, count, signal capture, PWM output, 4 expanded PWM outputs. Adjustable duty cycle.
  • 49 general-purpose IOs. 8 settable level/edge interrupts. Some pins have alternate and map functions.
  • Built-in watchdog which integrates 2-wire debug interface and supports emulate online.
  • Low-power modes. Support wake up some GPIOs, USB and Ethernet signal.
  • Unique ID: unique 64-bit ID.
  • Packages: QFN68, QFN40.

Technical Resources

  1. Datasheet: CH569DS1.PDF
  2. Integrated development environment (IDE): MounRiver Studio(MRS)

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CH132DS1.PDF CH132 datasheet. A UTMI+ Low Pin Interface (ULPI) High-Speed USB PHY/Transceiver. The CH132 can transmit and receive data at high speed (480 Mbps), full speed (12 Mbps) and low speed (1.5 Mbps). It is ideal for use in MCU or FPGA with ULPI Interface.