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CH549DS1.PDF 1.8 2023-09-01 890KB
CH549/CH548 datasheet. An 8-bit enhanced USB MCU with multiple interfaces. It provides 64K program ROM and 2K+256 RAM. It supports USB host, USB device and Type-C CC and PD. It provides 16-channel Touch-key, 16-channel ADC, 3 sets of timers, 8-channel PWM, 4-channel UART and SPI, etc.
CH347DS1.PDF 1.3 2023-09-20 375KB
CH347 datasheet, 480Mbps high-speed USB to UART, I2C, SPI and JTAG, supports drivers on Windows/ Linux/ Android /macOS, used to high-speed USB to UART, USB to SPI, USB to IIC, USB to JTAG, CPU debugger,FPGA downloader,programming device etc.
CH583DS1.PDF 1.8 2024-01-10 1.29MB
CH583 datasheet. An MCU based on 32-bit RISC-V instruction set integrated with BLE wireless communication. 448K ROM. 32K SRAM. 0.3uA Min current in low-power mode. It integrates 2 independent full-speed USB host/device controllers and transceiver, 12-bit ADC, touch-key detection module, RTC, power management and other peripheral resources. It provides BLE protocol stack and API.
CH32L103DS0.PDF 1.5 2024-03-12 814KB
PDUSB Low Power Microcontroller CH32L103 Datasheet, L103 is a MCU based on QingKe RISC-V core, 64KB FLASH and 20K RAM, up to 96MHz, supports USB and PD and Type-C, and provides commonly used peripheral functions such as ADC, OPA, CMP, SPI, Serial port, Touch Key Detection.
CH390DS1.PDF 1.3 2023-12-20 514KB
CH390 Datasheet, CH390 is an industrial-grade Ethernet controller chip with its own 10/100M Ethernet Media Access Controller (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY), supporting CAT3, 4, 5 for 10BASE-T and CAT5, 6 for 100BASE-TX connections, supporting HP Auto-MDIX, low-power consumption design, and complying with IEEE 802.3u specification. CH390 has built-in 16K bytes SRAM, supports 3.3V or 2.5V parallel interface and SPI serial interface for compatibility with various MCUs, MPUs, DSPs and other controllers.
CH213DS1.PDF 1.1 2023-10-11 428KB
Information change in the download page (Software introduction/application scope):Low voltage drop ideal diode chip CH213 datasheet,the chip has integrated modules for over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, and power supply polarity protection, and is rated at 5V*0.5A. Compared to a Schottky Barrier Diode plus a self-recovery fuse, the CH213 has a significantly lower on-state voltage drop and more rapid over-current protection.
CH32V003RM.PDF 1.7 2024-03-11 2.17MB
CH32V003 series are industrial-grade general-purpose microcontrollers designed based on 32-bit RISC-V instruction set and architecture. It adopts QingKe V2A core, RV32EC instruction set, and supports 2 levels of interrupt nesting. The series are mounted with rich peripheral interfaces and function modules. Its internal organizational structure meets the low-cost and low-power embedded application scenarios.
CH32F20xDS0.PDF 2.3 2022-07-18 2.57MB
CH32F20x datasheet. A general-purpose microcontroller based on 32-bit Cortex-M3 core. The CH32F20X is equipped with abundant peripheral sources, such as USB2.0 host/device controller, BLE5.3, Ethernet, CAN controllers, 12-bit DAC/ADC, 8 USARTs/UARTs, motor timer, OPA, dual DMA controllers, and so on.
CH32F203DS0.PDF 2.4 2022-10-28 827KB
CH32F203 datasheet,CH32F203 series is an industrial-grade enhanced small-and-medium capacity general-purpose microcontroller designed based on 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 core with high performance and low-power consumption. CH32F203 series integrates dual USB interfaces and supports USB Host and USB Device.
CH32V103DS0.PDF 1.2 2024-03-11 915KB
CH32V103 datasheet. 32-bit general microcontroller with RISC-V instruction set, has features of fast interrupt response and low power. CH32V103 provides the following abundant peripherals: USB2.0 host/slave controller, multi-channel touchkey detection (TouchKey), DMA controller, 12-bit ADC, RTC, 7 sets of timers, multiple sets of I2C/USART/SPI interfaces. CH32V103 meets the needs of various applications in motor control, sensor acquisition, medical care, consumer electronics and other markets.