file name version upload time size
CH32xRM.PDF 1.8 2024-03-11 3.34MB
CH32x datasheet, provides introduction to CH32F103x and CH32V103x in detail for user’s application development, applies to all series products with different memory capacities, different functional sources and different packages.
CH9104EVT.ZIP 1.0 2023-03-03 783KB
CH9104 evaluation board description and design schematic, used for USB to quad serial ports and GPIO etc.
CH9344SER_LINUX.ZIP 2.0 2023-10-12 22.0KB
Linux vendor driver for CH9344/CH348 of USB to multi-serial (quad/octal) serial ports, supports 32/64 -bit OS, include installation instruction.
CH34xSerCfg.ZIP 1.5 2023-10-12 1.92MB
USB configuration tool of CH340/CH342/CH343/CH344/CH347/CH348/CH9101/CH9102/CH9103/CH9104 for Windows, used for modifie and configure the chip's manufacturer Vendor ID, product ID, maximum current value, BCD version number, manufacturer information and product information string descriptors.