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Instruction and installation of BLE Analyzer, Bluetooth Low Energy Analyzer used to listen to BLE broadcast channel packets or communication of BLE5.0 and BLE4.x protocol between connected devices, , and analyze the packets through PC software and finally display them to the user in a concise way. Support statistics, filtering, configuration, etc. BLEAnalyzer Pro supports listen to 37/38/39 channels communications at same timem, which can be used for development, design and test for BLE product.

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CH579DS1.PDF CH579 datasheet. A microcontroller with 32-bit Cortex-M0 core for BLE wireless communication. It provides 250K ROM and 32K SRAM, and the minimum power is 0.2uA. It integrates with Ethernet controller and transceiver, full-speed USB host and device controller and transceiver, segment LCD driver module, 12-bit ADC, touch-key detection module, RTC, etc. It also provides Ethernet and Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack and API.