The scope of application version upload time size
CH54X,CH55X,CH56X,CH57X,CH58X,CH32F10X,CH32F20X,CH32V00X,CH32V10X,CH32V20X,CH32V30X 3.4 2022-11-10 2.59MB
Multi-platform command line tool for WCH MCU burning online, supports firmware download, verification and other operations for series MCU of WCH through USB or serial port. The tool contains ISP library and sample programs for customized development of ISP tool. Supports Windows x86/x64, Linux x64, macOS x64/arm64.

relation files

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WCHISPTool_Setup.exe MCU burning software of CH54X, CH55X, CH56X, CH57X, CH58X, CH32F10X, CH32F20X, CH32V00X, CH32V10X, CH32V20X, and CH32V30X, which supports user program burning, verification, and DataFlash operation, supports USB, UART and network interfaces.