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CH32V303CBT6,CH32V303RBT6,CH32V303RCT6,CH32V303VCT6,CH32V305FBP6,CH32V305RBT6,CH32V307RCT6,CH32V307WCU6,CH32V307VCT6 2.9 2023-08-01 1.44MB
Information change in the download page (Software introduction/application scope):CH32V307 is a high-capacity general-purpose microcontroller designed based on 32-bit RISC-V core, equipped with V4F core and supports single-precision floating-point instruction set for higher computing performance. It supports USB2.0 high-speed interface (480Mbps) with built-in PHY transceiver, Gigabit Ethernet MAC, etc.

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CH32F20xDS0.PDF CH32F20x datasheet. A general-purpose microcontroller based on 32-bit Cortex-M3 core. The CH32F20X is equipped with abundant peripheral sources, such as USB2.0 host/device controller, BLE5.3, Ethernet, CAN controllers, 12-bit DAC/ADC, 8 USARTs/UARTs, motor timer, OPA, dual DMA controllers, and so on.
CH32V208DS0.PDF CH32V208 is a wireless microcontroller based on 32-bit RISC-V core, equipped with V4C core, increased memory protection function, and reduced hardware division cycle. It supports 2Mbps low-power Bluetooth BLE communication module, etc.
CH32xRM.PDF CH32x datasheet, provides introduction to CH32F103x and CH32V103x in detail for user’s application development, applies to all series products with different memory capacities, different functional sources and different packages.
CH32FV2x_V3xRM.PDF CH32FV2x_V3xRM reference manual. A general-purpose microcontroller based on 32-bit RISC-V architecture. It features high-efficiency interrupt response, standard flash protection, hardware division and floating-point operation. It is equipped with abundant peripheral sources, such as USB2.0 host/device controller, BLE5.3, Ethernet, CAN controllers, 12-bit DAC/ADC, 8 USARTs/UARTs, motor timer, OPA, dual DMA controllers and so on.
CH32V103DS0.PDF CH32V103 datasheet. 32-bit general microcontroller with RISC-V instruction set, has features of fast interrupt response and low power. CH32V103 provides the following abundant peripherals: USB2.0 host/slave controller, multi-channel touchkey detection (TouchKey), DMA controller, 12-bit ADC, RTC, 7 sets of timers, multiple sets of I2C/USART/SPI interfaces. CH32V103 meets the needs of various applications in motor control, sensor acquisition, medical care, consumer electronics and other markets.
CH32F103DS0.PDF CH32F103 datasheet. A 32-bit Cortex-M3 core general-purpose MCU. CH32F103 integrates dual USB2.0 controllers, multi-channel TouchKey, 12-bit DAC, multi-channel 12-bit ADC, timers, CAN communication controller, I2C/UART/SPI and other peripheral resources.
CH334DS0.PDF CH334/CH335 introduction. 4-port USB2.0 high-speed HUB controller. CH334/CH335 supports high-performance MTT, and supports over-current detection and port power control. It can be applied to computers, industrial computer motherboards, peripherals, embedded systems, etc.
CH132DS1.PDF CH132 datasheet. A UTMI+ Low Pin Interface (ULPI) High-Speed USB PHY/Transceiver. The CH132 can transmit and receive data at high speed (480 Mbps), full speed (12 Mbps) and low speed (1.5 Mbps). It is ideal for use in MCU or FPGA with ULPI Interface.
QingKeV4_Processor_Manual.PDF QingKe V4 series microprocessor manual,QingKe V4 series microprocessors are self-developed 32-bit general-purpose MCU microprocessors based on the standard RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). According to different application scenarios and instruction set combinations, the series includes V4A, V4B, V4C, V4F. V4 series all support RV32IMAC instruction set extensions, among which V4F supports single-precision hardware floating-point, i.e. RV32IMACF extensions. In addition, they also support Hardware Prologue/Epilogue (HPE), Vector Table Free (VTF), a streamlined 2-wire serial debug interface (SDI), support for "WFE" instructions, Physical Memory Protection (PMP), and other features.