Capacitive touch screen controller program


Capacitive screen adapterbased on the 8-bit USB MCU CH554, one end is connected to the common capacitive screen control chip through IIC, and one end is connected to the computer through the USB port. Upgrade the IIC interface capacitive screen controller to the USB interface capacitive screen controller by simulating the MultiTouch class device. This solution has the characteristics of plug and play, free drive and so on. The schematic is as follows:

Program introduction

  1. CH554 single-chip solution, the peripheral circuit is simple, free of crystal oscillator, only a few peripheral devices are needed, which can minimize the PCB area and cost-effective;

  2. Capacitive touch screen control chip interface conversion, IIC to USB;

  3. Currently supporting capacitive touch screen control chips include: GT911, ICNT88X6, FT5406, etc. If there is a new model to support, you can contact our technical support.

  4. Support multiple systems;

  5. Function support: MultiTouch supports system gesture operation and custom gesture operation. Win7 refers to the following:

Application scenario

Program offering form

  1. Providing a capacitive touch screen transfer sleeve

  2. Provide capacitive screen transfer DEMO program and DEMO board for test verification to assist customers in development

  3. According to customer needs, increase the capacitive touch screen control chip support model.