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About us

Nanjing Qinheng Microelectronics Co., Ltd. focuses on connectivity technology and microprocessor research and is an IC design company that designs chips based on self-developed professional interface IP and microprocessor IP. We provide USB/ Bluetooth /Ethernet interface chips, alongside connectivity/interconnectivity/wireless MCUs integrated with these interfaces.

Our company has been focusing on the research of foundational technology. Firstly, we researched and implemented key and common IP components, such as microprocessor and professional interface IPs, Secondly, we designed chips based on these IP components. Then, complement them with protocol stack software and computer-side drivers to form professional products or solutions. Among them, the combination of microprocessor and professional interface technologies like USB resulted in a wide range of product categories.

Self-developed IP systems enhance the flexibility of the chip architecture and save the cost of outsourcing IP components. We conduct in-depth research on underlying IP components, optimizing their integration, improving overall performance, reducing power consumption, and enhancing efficiency. This creates long-term marginal cost advantages and sustainable competitiveness from both component-level and core-level perspectives.

Main brand: WinChipHead (WCH)

Product positioning: Professional, easy to use.

Application areas: Computer Peripherals, Mobile Phone Peripherals, Industrial Control, IoT, etc.

Our advantage: Self-developed IP

Based on our specialization in connectivity and networking, we conducted dedicated to research on key and common technologies of interface chips and MCUs especially suited for this era of interconnectivity and networking everywhere. These include microprocessor cores, professional interfaces such as USB/Bluetooth/Ethernet, and other IP modules. This combination is referred to as "one core and three interfaces" in short.

Self-developed interface IP: highly optimized system-level interface chips provide efficient connectivity solutions for a connected world

Our company's self-developed IP systems open up the vertical data chain consisting of transceivers, controllers, and protocol stacks. Improving the synergy between hardware and software in products, enhancing efficiency, and improving compatibility. The combination of professional interfaces and multi-level cores forms a vertically structured product architecture, including PHY chips, controller chips, protocol stack chips, and interface conversion chips. These highly optimized interface chips enable the expansion or bridge conversion of USB, Bluetooth, and Ethernet modules while shielding the underlying technical details. With a multi-level product structure and professional performance, we facilitate the development of customer products.

Self-developed IP: a flexible combination of multi-level cores and professional peripherals to form a wide range of MCUs and system-level chips

Our company's self-developed cores consist of three levels: QingKe RISC-V, E8051, and RISC8. Various generations of these cores focused on application optimization, core freedom realization, and deployment in a large number of products. We stand at the forefront of the RISC-V industry and is committed to promoting the landing and development of RISC-V in the MCU industry, and has published the key technologies of the QingKe RISC-V series of mass-production chips at the first RISC-V World Conference China.

QingKe core is based on the concept of RISC-V eco-compatibility and optimized expansion. We incorporate technologies like VTF to accelerate interrupts, expand the protocol stack and support low-power application instructions, and streamline debug interfaces. The general-purpose and high-speed interface MCUs equipped with QingKe cores reduce dependence on third-party chip technology and third-party software platforms. This eliminates the need for licensing fees and royalties for external cores, which saves costs for customers. Our company's flexible combination of multi-level cores and professional peripherals such as high-speed USB, USB PD, Ethernet, and Bluetooth Low Energy, with a focus on adaptability and sustainability. This enables MCU chips to demonstrate excellent connectivity, performance, power consumption, and integration capabilities. We offer a wide range of categories and application-specific and future-proof scalability.

Combining hardware and software to break through the barriers of device connectivity, promoting seamless communication and cross-platform mobility

In addition to the chip design team, hardware, and embedded software teams specialized in lower-level development, our company also has a system and software team specializing in upper-level deployments like computers, servers, and the Core Cloud platform. The team specializes in the development of underlying core drivers, communication libraries, and APP application tools for various operating systems and platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and WeChat. We utilize virtualization technology to enable seamless cross-platform connectivity and application migration, facilitating the transformation of offline devices into connected devices, and enhancing the added value of end products. Furthermore, we provide customers with comprehensive system-level solutions.

After years of dedicated efforts, our company has provided more than 100 chip categories and technical solutions to customers. Qinheng's chips play a significant role in the world by providing products to more than tens of thousands of companies worldwide, with over a billion devices establishing connections through WCH chips annually. Our company's USB series chips have shipped over a billion units, and the number of target programs downloaded for customers through the self-programming platform reaches the magnitude of millions per month.

Qinheng places great emphasis on investment in research and development, acquiring multiple independent intellectual property rights through innovation, including patents, integrated circuit layout design rights, software copyrights, and more. Our company has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise, a national-level specialized and new "small giant" enterprise, an advantageous national intellectual property enterprise. We have also registered international trademarks in many countries and regions such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and South Korea.

We never forget the essence and social significance of our enterprise. As we grow, we strive for mutual growth with our staff. We also adhere to a healthy market-oriented operation and use high-quality, professional chips to assist our customers in providing society with better products.

Our Vision: Condense wisdom and change lives

Our Mission: Concentrate on the core, industry specialization, and transform technological innovation into customer value

Our Core Values: Responsibility; Enterprise; Collaboration