Microcontroller peripheral chip

Serial port expansion chip
CH438 8 serial port expansion chip, parallel port control interface, each serial port transceiver independent, 128B FIFO, maximum baud rate 4Mbps, support hardware flow control, compatible with 16C550/750
CH432 2 serial port expansion chip, SPI / parallel port control interface, each serial port transceiver independent, the highest baud rate 4Mbps, support full / half duplex / infrared SIR serial communication
Analog switch chip
CH440/2/3/4 Multi-channel low-resistance broadband bidirectional analog switch chip, 550MHz bandwidth, 5Ω on-resistance, support for video signals, low speed / full speed / high speed USB signal switching
CH446Q 120/128 analog switch array chip, support 4V to 12V single supply voltage, support +5V and -7V dual supply voltage, on-resistance is not more than 65Ω
FIFO and dual port RAM chip
CH424 4KB FIFO memory chip, dual parallel port communication, use space to check at any time, for two MCU synchronize data
CH421 Bidirectional buffer interface chip, parallel port communication, asynchronous data exchange, no need to synchronize and wait for read and write operations, the maximum transmission speed is not less than 7Mbytes per second
I/O extension chip
CH351 Parallel port expansion I/O chip, providing 4 groups of 8 bits, a total of 32 bidirectional input and output general purpose I/O, compatible with CMOS and TTL levels
Electrostatic protection chip
CH412 ESD protected chip for USB signal anti-static, can be used for USB low-speed, full-speed, high-speed signal protection