8 bit enhanced USB MCU CH559


CH559 is a MCS51 compatible E8051 core microcontroller, 79% instructions of CH559 is single byte or single cycle, and average instruction speed is 8 to 15 times faster than the standard MCS51. CH559 support up to 56MHz system clock, built-in 64KB Flash-ROM, 256B on-chip iRAM, 6KB on-chip xRAM, and some of xRAM support DMA mode. CH559 built-in ADC converter, 4timers/PWM, 2UART, 2*SPI, and dual port Root-HUB, which support USB-Host and USB-Device Mode.


  • Enhanced E8051 core CPU, 8-15 times faster than the standard MCS51, unique fast copy commandof the XRAM data;
  • Built-in 60KB Code Flash,1KB Data Flash, and 3KB for BootLoader, support USB and UART ISP;
  • Built-in 6KB XRAM and internal 256B iRAM;
  • Built-in DMA controller with support for USB and Timer3, ADC and LED control;
  • Built-in USB controller and USB transceiver, support USB2.0 full speed and low speed host or device mode;
  • In USB host mode, two USB devices can be managed simultaneously through the embedded dual-port Root-HUB;
  • Provides a U disk file-level subroutine library that supports the FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 file system to read and write U disk files;
  • 4 groups of Timer / counter, support 3-channel signal capture and 3 PWM output;
  • Provides 2 full-duplex asynchronous serial ports, serial port 1 has built-in 8-byte FIFO, and supports 485-mode data transmission and reception;
  • Provides 2 SPI communication interfaces, SPI0 built-in FIFO, support master/slave mode, SPI1 supports main mode;
  • An 8-channel 10/11-bit ADC converter multiplexed with GPIO is provided;
  • The built-in clock and PLL also support external crystals;
  • Package: SSOP20, LQFP48.

Develop resources

ISP Download: USB or serial port

  1. CH559DS1.PDF(CH559 datasheetl)
  2. ISP software,WCHISPTool_Setup.exe
  3. CH559EVT.ZIP, including:
    • CH559 example program (C language)
    • CH559 development board schematic and PCB diagram
    • CH559 FAT file system libraries