8-bit USB device microcontroller: CH552


CH552 is a MCS51 compatible E8051 core microcontroller, 79% instructions of CH552 is single byte or single cycle, and average instruction speed is 8 to 15 times faster than the standard MCS51. CH552 supports up to 24MHz system clock speed, built-in 16K ROM, 256 bytes iRAM and 1K xRAM, and xRAM support DMA direct memory access. CH552built-in capacitive detection module,3* timer and PWM, 2UART, SPI, USB device controller and full-speed transceiver, USB type-C module.


  • Enhanced E8051 core CPU, 8-15 times faster than the standard MCS51;
  • Built-in 16KB Code Flash, 1KB XRAM, 256B iRAM, 128B DataFlash, support byte read and write;
  • Built-in BootLoader, support USB and UART ISP, provide ISP download library;
  • Built-in USB controller and USB transceiver, support USB-Device mode, support USB type-C master and slave detection, support USB 2.0 full speed 12Mbps or low speed 1.5Mbps. Support up to 64 bytes of data packets, built-in FIFO, support DMA;
  • Built-in USB controller and USB transceiver, support USB2.0 full speed and low speed host or device mode.Support up to 64 bytes of data packets, built-in FIFO, support for DMA;
  • 3 timer / counter, support 2-channel capture and 2 PWM;
  • Provide two full-duplex UART, all support high baud rate communication, UART0 is a standard MCS51 serial port;
  • Provides SPI communication interface, built-in FIFO, support Master / Slave mode;
  • Provides 4-channel 8-bit A / D converters;
  • Supports 6-channel capacitance detection;
  • Supports four reset signal sources, built-in power-on reset, support software and watchdog time-out reset, selectable pin external reset;
  • Built-in 24MHz clock source and PLL;
  • Built-in unique ID number;
  • Package: TSSOP-20, SOP-16, MSOP-10.

Develop Resources

ISP download mode: USB interface or UART download

  1. CH552DS1.PDF (CH552 datasheet)
  2. ISP download software, WCHISPTool_Setup.exe
  3. CH552 sample program (C language)