file name version upload time size
CH343CDC.EXE 1.5 2022-10-15 187KB
For CH342/CH343/CH344/CH347/CH910X/CH9143/CH9340, USB to CDC serial port driver, supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP/2000,SERVER 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008/2003 -32/64bit, Microsoft WHQL Certified, supports USB to 3-line and 9-line serial port, supports high-speed baud rate. Used to distribute to user with the product.
CH341SER_ANDROID.ZIP 1.7 2022-11-10 6.17MB
CH340/CH341/CH342/CH343/CH344/CH347/CH9101/CH9102/CH9103/CH9104/CH9143 USB to serial port Android driver-free application library and software, for Android OS 4.4 and above in USB Host mode, without loading Android kernel driver and without root access operation. Includes apk installer, lib library file (Java Driver), App Demo routines (USB to UART Demo project SDK).
CH341SER_LINUX.ZIP 1.5 2018-03-18 8.49KB
CH340/CH341 USB to serial port LINUX driver,supports 32/64-bit operation system.
CH341SER_MAC.ZIP 1.8 2022-11-07 4.30MB
For CH340/CH341/CH342/CH343/CH344/CH347/CH9101/CH9102/CH9103/CH9104/CH9143, USB to serial port VCP vendor driver of macOS,supports OS X 10.9~10.15,OS X 11(Big Sur)and above,contains installation guide documents.
WCHISPTool_CMD.ZIP 3.4 2022-11-10 2.59MB
Multi-platform command line tool for WCH MCU burning online, supports firmware download, verification and other operations for series MCU of WCH through USB or serial port. The tool contains ISP library and sample programs for customized development of ISP tool. Supports Windows x86/x64, Linux x64, macOS x64/arm64.