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About us

Nanjing Qinheng Microelectronics Co., Ltd. founded in 2004, a RF and high-speed digital-analog mixed Integrated Circuit design company focusing on connectivity technology and MCU core research. We provide Ethernet, Bluetooth wireless network, USB and PCI interface chips and MCU + microcontroller integrated with above interfaces. Our technology involves “Perception + Control + Connection + Cloud Convergence”: ADC/PGA and other analog detection, MCU smart control and driving algorithm, HID human-computer interaction, Ethernet/Bluetooth-LE and other network communications, UART/USB/USB PD/PCIE/CAN/SerDes and other interface communications, data security, IoT protocol and cloud service. We are committed to offer customers chips and solutions with interconnection and better interoperability between cloud and the local.

Main brand: WCH, in full WinChipHead

Product positioning: More professional and easy to use.

Application fields: Computer Peripherals, Mobile Phone Peripherals, Industrial Control, IoT, etc.

Technology and products

Overall In-depth research and long-term planning of digital, analog and RF technology. We have been exploring fields such as one core with three interfaces technology (one MCU core with USB, Ethernet and Bluetooth interfaces) for years. Our main modules have gradually realized full-stack independent development, with core technologies regarding this expertise. We achieved in creating chips with far better performance, much more complete product level, and considerably lower marginal cost by developing deep communication between digital and analog modules. With the combining of current technology, long-distance high-speed communication interface chips, built-in Ethernet Physical transceiver MCUs, USB3.0 high-speed communication MCUs, Bluetooth wireless RF MCUs, low-power MCUs, high-voltage power management MCUs are provided.

SOC combinations and hardware-software combination with multi-level microprocessor cores, Our self-developed 8-bit RISC, E8051 and 32-bit RISC-V cores have been applied in large quantities and without licensing fees. We match the right microcontroller to the specific characteristics of applications. We also transfer part of the hardware into embedded software or vice versa to realize our implementations, which reduces cost and increases flexibility. Based on our 8-bit RISC, we achieved the ultimate cost-effective dedicated functional MCUs; Based on our enhanced E8051, we achieved functional or hardware-controlled MCUs with lower learning threshold; Based on 32-bit RISC-V, we achieved general-purpose and high-speed interface MCUs. In order to deal with high-speed communication, the emerging technology of VTF has been introduced. We are the pioneer in extending byte/half-word compression for protocol stack applications; We are the pioneer in extending WFE instructions for low-power applications in order to speed up response after waking up; We are the leader in providing two-wire debugging interfaces for RISC-V general-purpose MCUs, etc.

Upper-and-lower interoperability and cross-platform mobile interconnection. Qinheng has been focusing on communication protocols and interface connection technologies for a considerably long time, providing a variety of interface chips and special MCU+ embedded with professional interfaces. In addition to chip designing teams, we also have teams specializing in lower computers hardware and teams specializing in embedded software; there are also teams specializing in upper computers, servers, and core cloud platforms systems and software, assisting in upper-lower interoperability, virtual transformation, cross-platform mobile interconnection and application transition. We also provide underlying kernel drivers, communication connection libraries and APP tools, for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, WeChat and many other operating systems or platforms. All these seamlessly connect and collaborate software with hardware, help turning stand-alone devices into networked devices, enhancing the added value of end products, and providing customers with system-level solutions.

After years of deep studies and research, Qinheng has provided customers with hundreds of chips and technical solutions. Tens of thousands of companies around the world have adopted our chips to design their electronic products. Every year, at least over 100 million devices are connected through WCH chips, and more than 100 million USB series chips are shipped. Qinheng manages test factories through a self-burning platform, and the number of chips that are burned in the target program by the test factories for MCU customers reaches a million level every month. Meanwhile, Qinheng is the supplier of main chips of domestic isolation cards, one-way import products and solutions.

Qinheng pays attention to R&D investment. The annual R&D investment accounts for about 15% of sales revenue. Through innovation, Qinheng has achieved a number of independent intellectual property rights, such as patent rights, exclusive rights of integrated circuit layout design and software copyrights. The company has registered international trademarks in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, South Korea and many other countries and regions. Qinheng is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

We will never neglect the essence and social significance of the company. We have always insisted on positive original design and market-oriented operation. We have and will always assist customers and society with more and better electronic products by providing high-quality and professional chips. And last but not the least we have and will always grow together with our employees in the process of enterprise development.

Our Vision: Gathering wisdom to benefit people’s lives

Our Mission: Focusing on our core, achieve specialization in the industry, transforming technological innovation into customer and social value

Our Core Values: Responsibility, Initiative, Collaboration