Company Profile

About us

Nanjing Qinheng Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is an integrated circuit design company established in 2008. The company is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Since the establishment of the company, we have always been technology-oriented, focusing on the research and innovation of chip design and application technology in connection and control in the field of Internet of Things. We are committed to providing customers with all-in-one interconnected chips and solutions.

Technology and products

The company's main products include: wired network, wireless network, USB and PCI interface chips and microcontrollers that integrate the above interfaces.?Technically involved: analog detection (ADC), intelligent control (MCU), human-computer interaction (HID/LED/LCD/TouchKey), network communication (Ethernet/BLE/Zigbee), interface communication (USB/PCI/PCIE), data Security (U disk / SATA disk encryption, single-channel imported, isolation),IoT protocol (embedded protocol stack, cloud service), providing "perception + control + connection + cloud convergence" solution.

Product positioning: professional, easy to use.

Application areas: industrial control, Internet of Things, information security, computer/mobile phone peripherals, etc.

Our advantage

The strength of Qinheng is the seamless connection and collaboration, interpenetration and transformation between software and hardware to provide professional and cost-effective applications.After years of deep cultivation, we have provided hundreds of products and technical solutions to our customers. There are 12,000 companies around the world that use the design of electronic products. We have at least 100 million devices connected each year through our products. Qinheng is a core supplier of domestic isolation cards and single-channel imported products and solutions. Its market share of products exceeds 90%, and the cumulative shipments of USB series products exceeds 100 million.

QinHeng pays attention to R&D investment. Each year, R&D investment accounts for more than 10% of sales revenue. Through innovation, it obtains a number of independent intellectual property rights such as patents, integrated circuit layout design rights, and software copyrights. Public Division focus on R&D and innovation, but also paid great attention to building its own brand, has been registered international trademark in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Yuheng was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, an integrated circuit design enterprise, and a private technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

In the future, we will continue to be committed to technological innovation, to lead the development of the domestic integrated circuit industry, to meet the ever-changing challenges of the global integrated circuit field, and to become your more professional and reliable partner.

Vision: Condensing wisdom, changing life

Mission: Converging on the core, specializing in the industry, transforming technological innovation into customer value

Core values: responsibility, initiative, collaboration